You are a true kickstar

Now it's time to reach the masses

Have you crowdfunded a product successfully, and now wan’t to reach old and new customers all over the world?

Alakick is a social marketplace for true kickstars like you!
Create your own store, you can have it as a complement of your own store, or use it as your only storefront online. Get in touch with your customers in a truly social shopping experience.


This could be your storefront

Crowdfunded products are famous for being innovative. Show off your products among all the other great kickstarters.

Connect with your customers! Write and reach out about your products to an interested audience. Blog, participate in usergroups, share documents and have direct contact with your customers

Set your own prices, shipping fees (national and international) and product information with ease! At each sale the full amount is directly paid to your Stripe account.

Register your store!

Start selling your products and connect with your customers in these simple steps:

  1. Register as a new user / or if already logged in then click here
  2. Don’t forget the checkbox: Registering as a vendor
  3. Setup your store
  4. Add products.
  5. Spread the word and start selling 🙂

What can I sell on

Any product that has been crowdfunded, and now are in production. You can also sell additional products, like accessories, new versions/colours and so on.

If you for example have crowdfunded a certain set of sunglasses, you can add other variations of it as well.

What does it cost?

We charge 5% on all sales, excluding shipping costs – for unlimited products, free promotion and all services included.

Also, since we use Stripe as a payment gateway, they will charge their standard fees as well. Currently: 2,9% + 30 cents

How does it work?

Customers browse the site and can add products from all the vendors to the shopping cart. When they checkout they pay by credit/debit card through Stripes payment gateway – the full amount, that can consist of products from several different vendors.

When the payment has been processed you will have the amount for your product(s) transferred to your stripe account (which you can connect to when you have registered, or create a new one – really simple process).

Through our dashboard you can see all the sales, customers and so on. You ill get an email when a new sale has been made, login and simply mark the order as completed when you have it shipped. You can add additional information to the order, customer notes and shipment tracking info.

What about refunds?

Refunds are been handled by you. If a customer not is satisfied with your products, he/she can contact you directly through the sites private messaging system. You will then have direct communication with the customer on how to proceed.

We also strongly recommend to add shipping and refund information in your company profile, when registered. This information will be shown on each of your products.

Your own dashboard

Add products with ease

Add your own coupons

Simple order management

Branded search results

Get social with customers