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If you are looking for inventive, smart and great products then you have browsed to the correct address! is the marketplace for successfully crowdfunded products.

What’s so special about crowdfunded products?

Because they are popular and interesting

They have been approved by the crowd

They are made with lots and lots of love

FAQ & Contact

Where are the products shipped from?

All over the world, it’s up to the stores connected to alakick.

Are Tax/VAT included in the price?

Yes! All prices are inc VAT/Tax. If a separate Tax/VAT invoice is requested, you can get this from the stores you buy from.

Is shipping included?

No, each store has their own shipping policies that you can find on each product and store. Also, when you have added products to the cart, you can see the exact shipping cost/product.

Can I buy products from different stores in the same order?

Yes! When you make an order with one or several products from different stores you only make one transaction through our safe payment gateway provided by Stripe.

What about refunds/returns?

If you are not satisfied with your product, then contact the store regarding refund. First, please read the returns policy for the store, you can find this in the shipping tab for each product. You can either contact the store directly by sending them a message through alakick, by going to the store profile and send a private message, or look for alternate ways in their returns policy.

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